Our solutions are designed to help you transform your Accounts Payable department with simple, intuitive and secure technology for more efficient payments that produce additional revenue for your company.


Our ePayable solutions enable clients to automate the disbursement of their vendor payables through the use of electronic payment methods including one-time use virtual MasterCards, ACH and Enhanced ACH. By replacing checks, clients are able to generate significant revenue on the payments made to vendors and eliminate the cost of check printing and processing. The payment portal solution receives a file from your current AP system almost identical to the payment file produced today. A request is generated for a e-Payments number, a remit statement is generated, and a payment is sent electronically (or other desired format) – automating the payment process. Through the use of the payment tool, reporting is enhanced and reconciliations are more automated.


   We can have the program running in as few as 2 weeks

CPS Total Pay



Virtual Cards

The CPS Virtual Card Program provides a method to deliver payments electronically using a secure, one-time use MasterCard account number. These payments can only be processed by a vendor for the amount specified and reduces the cost of handling and mailing paper checks.

  • Increased value to the AP organization by earning rebates
  • Submit consolidated remittances for your suppliers electronically
  • Leverage existing vendor pay cycle (terms)
  • Secure payments through one time use feature (exact payment amount)
  • Reduced AP costs
  • Reduce financial risk and enhance financial controls

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Physical Checks

CPS Payment Services offers a check payment solution where our customers reduce the cost of checks significantly, reduces risk of check stock, provide electronic tracking of payment status, and increase the efficiency of your disbursement process.

Ach &
Enhanced Ach

ACH & Enhanced ACH

CPS Payment Services ACH / Enhanced ACH solutions leverage our relationships with vendors to create enriched ACH data files and remittance details for our customers and their vendors. This low cost approach creates efficiencies in both the disbursement and cash application process.

Multi-Use Purchasing Cards

Multi-Use Purchasing Cards

Manage and control your travel and entertainment expenses with the CPS Payment Services MasterCard. Our automated bill payment solution enables your company to earn a cash rebate each month simply by using the CPS MasterCard to pay your travel costs.

Use your card for everyday business expenses, including:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Rental cars
  • Dining and entertainment
  • Business supplies